If you don’t feel like eating because of the heat, try a fruit drink instead of your usual breakfast.
A smoothie is a thick drink made from fruits, vegetables, or berries chopped in a blender, sometimes with the addition of seeds or nuts. And the base is usually vegetable milk: soy, almond, coconut milk – or juice, or yogurt. In the summertime, ice is added to many recipes. Collected five uncomplicated and delicious options that you can make yourself.

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Smoothie with kiwi, apple and banana
You will need:

kiwi – 2 pcs;
banana – 2 pcs;
appleβ €- 1 pc;
natural yogurt or kefir 260 ml
apple juice – 200 ml;β €
ice – 3-4 pieces.
Peel the fruit, cut it into small pieces and put into blender bowl. Add the yogurt and juice. Whisk until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve chilled.

Tea and fruit smoothie
You need:

green tea – 1 tbsp;
apple – 1 pc;
grapes – 10 pcs;
pear – 1 pc;
chia seeds.
Make green tea and let it cool. Peel the apple and pear from the seeds and skin. Then finely chop. Place fruit in blender. Add green tea and chia seeds. Blend ingredients for about 2 to 3 minutes.

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Lilac Smoothie
You will need:

water – 3 tbsp;
green tea bag;
honey – 2 tsp;
blueberries – 2 tbsp;
banana – 1 pc;
milk – 1 tbsp.
Brew the tea bag for about three minutes. Then add the honey and stir it until completely dissolved. In a blender, combine the berries, banana, milk and tea – whip them until smooth.

Cocktail Pelican.
You will need:

strawberries – 1 tbsp;
bananas – 1 pc;
Peach juice – 1 tbsp.
Add peeled and chopped bananas and strawberries (can be frozen) to the blender. Pour the cooled peach juice and whisk thoroughly. Then pour into glasses and garnish to your liking. If desired, you can add ice cubes.

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Pineapple smoothie
You will need:

mango – 100 g;
pineapple – 150-200 grams;
ginger – a few slices;
water – 1 tbsp.
Rinse the fruit thoroughly, cut it and put it in a blender. After pouring the water. Whisk until homogeneous. Done!

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